Signs From Spirit

signs from spirit

One random night (in late winter / early spring) I was driving home in the pitch black darkness of night praying, asking Life about what direction to take on a rather important decision in my life.

I had been waffling on committing to a change because I wasn't certain (and frankly I wasn't wholeheartedly ready to wrap myself in the discomfort of it all) and yet as I drove I knew I had an inkling, a leaning towards making this change.

Suddenly outside, to the right, I see bright fireworks bursting in the dead of night.

Really? I thought it's not the 4th of July. 
Could those fireworks be for me?

"Of course not", I immediately thought, how self absorbed are you, Sarah?
This thought I quickly discarded because I know better. I know life speaks to me.

I'm not special, though. Life speaks to each of us.
You see, Life is a series of complex inter-weaving conversations serving both individuals and the collective simultaneously. 

Strangely simple and straight-forward yet subtle.

The trouble is, too often we aren't paying attention.
Or we aren't listening to the ways in which the Universe is speaking to us.
Or we argue with what we see and hear and sense.
Or we dissolve into self doubt.
Or we poo-poo overt signs / magic / synchronicities.
Or worse, we share this specialness with a wet blanket.

Sidebar: A wet blanket is the a-hole who comes along and tosses a sopping wet blanket on your rip-roaring flames of glory. We allllllllll know what I'm talking about.

Who knows what the "real" story behind the "random" fireworks is. 
What I know to be true is that in that moment, those fireworks were for me.

I got the confirmation, neon flashing "YES" from the Universe that making this change was in my best interest. I felt the truth in my body and soul.

And so without any more further internal discussion, I swiftly made the decision and committed to the new path. This was several (4?) years ago and it ended up being a really smart, good decision that brought new people and forms of support into my life.

Since then, I've weathered many more evolutions and changes.

Flash forward to more recent days...

I'm now just about 3 months into my new career path (which I shared about here). And the signs continue to affirm my life-altering decision.

Take for instance this little gem of a tale:

I'm on Day 3 of my corporate orientation suddenly feeling intimidated. My certainty and confidence I had collected along the way? Vaporized.

I headed out to lunch, got in my car and drove without a destination in mind (apparently I have lots of aha moments while driving!). 

Not so ironically I got lost (new city, broken GPS). 
And then I ended up here.
Smack dab in front of the office building I was looking for.

The crossroads marked by my own grandfathers name "Leroy".

It is he and his death that was the primary catalyst for the shift into Hospice work.

A coincidence?
Certainly not.

It was the ultimate confirmation. 

I was indeed in the right place at the right time.
I would settle in and find my way. I was meant to be here.

Thank you Universe.
Thank you.

p.s. I've clarified and claimed the true purpose of the 1 on 1 Clear Companion Sessions. If cultivating spiritual sovereignty sounds appealing, then buzz on over here.

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