Refine + Simplify

I've been contemplating a lot about a particular breed of fear that lives in the shadows of having, of success, of abundance, and in the drastically unbalanced wealth distribution of our globe. It seems that we work so very hard to get somewhere, to earn something, or have this or that but once we find ourselves there, the fear of loss immediately follows. 

Understandably, the mother fears losing her child. The wealthy fear losing money. The powerful fear losing their status and control...

We fear losing each other, our comfort, our peace.... 

This particular brand of fear is a poison that:

  • invades our hearts and ironically separates us from what matters most

  • clouds our perspective while fueling the bottomless pit of "it's never enough"

  • keeps us distracted from what's real (it's a tricky thang!) 

And so it would seem that simplicity has our best interest at heart.  

But how do we find simplicity in the daily grind? 

Simplicity lives in those "minor" moments that aren't appealing, fancy or flashy.

Simplicity is in the basic human need of connecting and communicating. I'm talking eye contact, hugs and genuine listening.

Simplicity lives in service to others.

Simplicity lives in our heart, it cannot be packaged, bought or sold. Not even with a label maker.

Simplicity can be found in the flow. Step in. Step out. Notice the difference. 

REFINE:  remove impurities or unwanted elements 

Refinement is a highly specialized art of simplifying the details of your life. Maybe that means having less stuff. Maybe it means injecting time to watch the birds. Maybe it means tweaking some daily routine to better suit the FLOW of your life, instead of the same old, same old.

When you refine you remove, you experiment, you let go. And then be willing to do it all over again. 

This month I invite you to:

  • boldly let go of something that is no longer serving you. trust that the space which remains will ultimately serve you better 

  • bravely experiment and try something new that is calling to you (even if it seems wildly uncharacteristic)

  • fold inward. no more running around. no more chasing what's next. fold inward... tenderly love what you encounter


Invite me into your sphere.

I'll bring something of substance, every time!

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