3 Rebellious Solopreneur Game-Changing Moves


Dear Solopreneur,

I hear the muffles of your wild spirit. She begs to be set free, unleashed and unhinged from the rules. She desires to play, create, serve, teach and learn. She commands to be seen and heard. She won't stay silent or still any longer.

The rebel in you lives.

Of course this is cause for celebration, but we must quickly usher on to the business at hand, for your wild spirit leaves you with some difficult but oh-so-necessary decisions to make.

I call them game-changing moves: targeted and thoughtful decisions that honor your inner rebel, allowing you to create space for expansion, evolution and creation.

 #1 Unsubscribe

Jump ship from any and ALL newsletters + mailing lists that don't profoundly serve you. If you don't devour, fully support or enjoy the content, ideas or art delivered to your inbox, why bother?

Do not invest your precious time and energy taking stock of what your "competition" is up to. Remember the saying “curiosity killed the cat”? It's true. It zapped her creative synapses and stifled her well of inspiration. It also fed her comparison monster and drowned her with self-doubt and criticism. Don't be the curious kitty; be the laser-focused kitty who is too stuck on her own mission to be bothered with what anyone else is doing. MEOW.

Cross pollination is a reality within your sphere of influence. Whomever you allow in your inbox is part of your sphere of influence, so expect to be influenced by them in some way. We are all consciously and unconsciously affected by the people, places and things we surround ourselves with. So... if you find yourself stuck in the shadows of someone else or struggle to differentiate your authentic voice from others, step away.
Tether ONLY to valuable sources of knowledge, inspiration and guidance that invoke your authentic voice and way in the online world. After all, the whole point of creating your business venture is to do so on your terms.

 #2 Quit Asking for Feedback

Every time I witness a request for general request feedback I want to throw up. I don't dare distill your creative vision to a brief opinionated glance and frankly, neither should you. OH NO! You and your creation are far too complex for such a thing. Be selective in WHOM you request feedback from and tell them what lens to adopt when examining your material. Otherwise, you've left yourself and your creation vulnerable to misaligned feedback. Alignment is king, remember that.

Desire to be even MORE radical? You rebel you...

Bypass collecting feedback altogether. I would personally opt for creating and launching a project that gets mixed feedback than never completing something because I got derailed by negative or harmful feedback. Ultimately that is a personal choice, but realize you have a choice AND that your choice carries the potential for great consequences.


 #3 Create Something from Scratch + LAUNCH IT

This might seem so un-rebellious, but it's not. The reality is that a great number of folks stay in the creation phase and never complete and launch their work (for a whole host of reasons). What this means is simply completing your project is monumental. Launching and sharing it is epic. You probably won't get a certificate of awesomeness for your laborious efforts, but the satisfaction runs deep.
Since your wild, rebellious spirit revolts at "should" and "must," I will politely ask that you ignore my passion and substitute a word of your choice. Don't be derailed by my simplistic communication style and let these truths slip past you.

Push past the friction and unhook her.

Refuse to do what everyone else is doing.

Quit buying into ways of doing business (and living) that simply don't serve you.

Share your medicine with us.

Invite me into your sphere.

I'll bring something of substance, every time!

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