Paint Yourself A Snazzy Remo Drum

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Imagine my surprise when I popped over to Pinterest and searched for "how to paint a Remo drum" and my search results gave me nothing.

This blog documents me painting magic, power and the essence of ME onto my drum, an important tool for the traveler between worlds.

Get yourself a drum and get to painting!



The story of my drum.

I had a nice "real" animal skin, authentic looking drum but it didn't survive the Michigan humidity. I've been drum-less for quite sometime, and as a shaman, this feels a bit like being homeless, I might say. I finally opted for this Remo Buffalo beauty (a modern very un-authentic drum if you believe you must have the "real" kind) after not being willing to be without. I owe my fellow modern shapeshifter Suzanne a thank you for drumming on Skype with me to help me make my final choice.

As my drum was en route to me, I began to dream about how I would make it sacred and special. You see, a modern Remo drum is all the same as a traditional drum. But I knew I wanted to craft it to be mine, as I often paint to infuse meaning, magic and power.

Below you can see the process for painting my drum or "Feathers & Flames" as I have named her. She was inspired by the medicine of the mandala, the mountains, the 7 directions, flames, feathers, the earth, the stars and other personal things.



I gathered my acrylic paints and began channeling my design.

I started with the rim and then moved the the actual drum head. In two settings I painted the drum below.

Also, I STOPPED before I took it too far. Acrylic paint goes very nicely on the drum and dries rather fast. If you do make a mistake, a little water on a rag is your best friend.

FYI: You can decorate your fiberskyn Remo drum with sharpies, acrylic or water based paints but they will wear off with time. See this for confirmation.


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