New Age Pitfall No 1

I've written this post a million times over in my head. I figured it is about time to just say it and let it be. Like most folks, I love me some New Age spirituality but it borderlines on insane fuckery sometimes. There are serious pitfalls to these broken messages being blared at an annoying decibel.

Behold numero uno on my list of pitfalls.

As always, take what you need and leave the rest. And, in case I need to say it: my intention in writing about my observations and reactions is to create FREEDOM for us all.


1. Be HAPPY 100% of the time.

Jesus. Around every corner someone is selling happiness. They are telling us to be happy. If you aren't HAPPY then something is wrong with you. Oh and it's your fault.




or those who aren't happy all the time, which is *ahem* everyone, you are forced to join the ranks of those who hang their heads in shame because after all you chose not to be happy, UNLESS you understand that this is out of touch with reality.

Life is not meant to bless us with happiness at every corner. Nor are we meant to feel happy with every heart beat. he full spectrum of life is meaty, offering moments of happiness, of anger, of sadness, and of nothingness.

We set ourselves up for failure when we seek ONLY to be happy. So let yourself off the hook. You don't have to be happy every damn moment. In fact, please don't. It's a disservice to yourself and the world when you prematurely dive into happy. Instead, swim in the fullness of life. Be true to yourself.

Peel back the layers beyond happy and explore the shades of living a full life.

Don't sell yourself short with just happy.

Beyond happy are three powerful contenders in shaping our experience of life:  deeper meaning, perspective, and the power of choice. In no way shape or form am I saying, roll over, give up and don't be happy. Heck no!

Life on life's terms will offer a continuous feast of opportunities to dig deep. And for those times when happy seems impossible or downright inappropriate we can opt to be fully present to life, connected and tuned-in with the deeper meaning.

It takes practice.

Ease up on yourself.

Swim in the mystery of it all.

And release the pressure to be happy.

Invite me into your sphere.

I'll bring something of substance, every time!

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