workshop opportunity: make peace with resistance + fuel your creative output


an intimate workshop for solopreneurs who...

  • are frustrated or disheartened with their creative process
  • are floundering in the BIGNESS of the looming vision or project
  • are "stuck" or "struggling" with a layer of the building business journey
  • questioning EVERYTHING (yeah us sensitive creatures, tend to do this!)

You need community, inspiration and tools to work with the resistance, to make peace with it and use it to actually FUEL your creative output instead of keeping you stalled.

In this hour-ish long workshop I'll cover...

  1. The various flavors of resistance (i.e. HOW it is rearing its ugly head)
  2. Real life examples and stories from my own experience
  3. Ways you can work with the resistance, make friends with it and use it to fuel your creativity

At the end I'll "open the floor" to allow for the spirit of sharing and support. You will have the chance to get 1 on 1 support from me (within the group setting) or simply share as you feel moved to.

After the workshop you'll receive a recording of our workshop call + a handy worksheet  and follow up tools.

I promise not to spout any bullshit about transcending resistance but instead give you real ways to work with what is flaring up for you.

In case you didn't know it's part of the journey for us all.

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