living in the shadows?

The online world is tricky terrain. It often feels like smoke n' mirrors. 

Good intentions get muddied up real fast once it comes time to actually delivering the work, finding clients, or capturing your message. Suddenly, self doubt and clouds of doom roll in and the end result is... well nothing. 

Nothing happens. And that sucks.

Why? Because you got into this whole online thing for a reason. But what's that reason again? It feels so far away.

You may or may not know but for a good while in my business I have simply stopped doing certain marketing tactics and strategies that felt like wearing someone else's pants. You know the kind that button but you can't breathe in. To say they are uncomfortable and constricting is an understatement.

And things have been a little quiet around these neck of the woods. Which is okay because it's given me time to regroup, to upgrade the Before You Build A Website program, and return to my roots as a healer and explore a new voice.

A few months back I released a guide called "What's Your Secret Sauce?" and I've decided to gift you with a sizable excerpt. If you want to download that simply click here.  This guide came pouring out of my fingertips in a weekend time after synthesizing years of struggling online. So it kills me to think it's just sitting there and not in front of YOU who needs it!

And since I'm the kind of gal who lives what I teach n' preach I am once again reminding you that this resource is here and available with just a click. 

Living in the shadows in painful.

And yet to emerge you must have the right mixture of elements. 

Positive thinking won't get you there. 
Showing up.
Exploring your truth.
And experimenting will.

Click here to discover what first crucial ingredient you need to emerge gracefully from the shadows.

Invite me into your sphere.

I'll bring something of substance, every time!

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