it's all kinds of "wrong" to call yourself a shaman + why we must dissolve this notion

Our growing edge:

In the wake of continually refining my healing practice and offerings to the world, I'm rubbing up against something I KNOW others encounter as well. I wanna talk about it....

contemporary shamanism

I find myself hesitant to officially call myself a shaman in the digital world. However for those who know me in person, know me as a shaman- they see it in me. They know me as this....  because I am. It is not up for question. It's a done deal.

Part of my reluctance in not being WILDLY clear about my own personal path + way of performing healing work with others is the stigma that exists within the field of shamanic practitioners. It goes like this: if you call yourself a shaman, you've committed the ultimate party foul. You must be a fake. Furthermore, it is often seen as a disrespect and flippant disregard for our ancient predecessors who TRULY understood and lived sacred simplicity in every moment of their lives.

Modern Times call for Modern Ways.....

We are living in times where MANY old ways are dissolving before our very eyes. Its uncomfortable, yes but what is the alternative?


I say onward, through the discomfort and to freedom. 

Contemporary Shamanism is a new evolution of the timeless, most sacred and ancient healing way of indigenous people who understood the soul, Spirit and the interconnectedness of all things.  Contemporary shamanism holds the ethics and core principles intact but allows for an evolution in presentation. By this I mean that the modern shaman is a master shape shifter- no longer tied to the indigenous way of living, looking, working, and presenting.

A perfect example for current times is this: I build websites, however the shaman in me is intact when I do this. In fact my shamanic sight and guidance from Spirit and the dream time space directs, influences and is embodied in the work I create.

The contemporary shaman is no less or more than the traditional shaman. We are simply a different form. I believe it is our job to make the soul accessible for our difficult times that teeter on the brink of possibility. We don't have an easier, softer path either. Contemporary shamans undergo a rigorous initiation and learning of the ways just as tribal shamans.

I'll be opening up about my shamanic initiation, dismemberment and death in the coming weeks because it has become clear that this is a conversation that needs to be had.

No More Hiding

Look, I am not proposing we, or myself, slap the shaman label on for the sake of evolution. I take the namesake "shaman" extremely seriously as I understand the role and responsibility of these shoes to fill. But once we have become that, because the course of our life has taken on a life of its own, what choice do we have? Hide in the bushes (or closet), water down our calling and fail to impact the world because of old rules in place?

I bet I know where you stand. I certainly know where I stand. Together we can bravely own our truth, in whatever shape or form it takes and see where the wind blows. I believe it will carry us to the place that we dream of. Of course best of all, the contemporary shaman need NOT call herself (or himself) one, that in of itself is the beauty of it... but to have the option.... YES!

Stick around, because I've committed to fully sharing my path, experiences and evolution on the path of the contemporary shaman.

p.s. I’ve written a post called Return to Power that revisit this topic years later.


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