it all started with the bee's

A Mystical Tale about Bees

Truth: I hold my mystical experiences and sacred stories, carefully, close to my heart. I only reveal them when I feel nudged by the Universe to do so, and this typically happens after sitting with them for a great deal of time, allowing ample personal reflection and personal truth to emerge without outside influence.

Lately I've felt the urge to share a personal story about my very first mystical experience with the bee's.

When I officially made the decision and declared it to the interwebs, something magical ensued. Not 15 minutes after committing to writing this very story, I discovered a wholly intact (deceased) yellow jacket on the floor of my living room. This was an undeniable  buzz-worthy blessing to share my experience.

Currently the narrative around the bee's is negative and disheartening, so it is my greatest hope that this story may help you return to the sacred medicine of the bee's, found in current conditions.

From Chaos to Calm.....

It can be hard recall my life before experiencing powerful instantaneous shifts while mindfully walking in nature but the first time I did, it blew my world wide open. It was on a particularly nondescript afternoon. The sun was shining and I was on a land with a group of people that were unfamiliar to me. Apparently, that didn't matter. I was guided to find an intention, to create a prayer from which I would go wander in contemplation, listening deeply. Maybe I'd hear a whisper back from the Universe, maybe not.

I was in a place in my personal life where I was overwhelmed, feeling taxed by my children, my emotions, my mind, my sticky, persistent sensitivity issues, and the world at large. I couldn't see the forest from the tree's. I had been swallowed up whole by the chaos of life. I was drowning.

So I walked. I simply held my current condition in my heart and sought clarity. I walked and I walked. I simply went where my feet led me. I came across a small field of wild grass and flowers, buzzing with a buzzilion bumble bee's. At first I was captivated by the buzzing sound. I began to notice each bee in isolation. As I stood there, observing the bee's, my world shifted before my very eyes.

The bee's were no longer stinging insects I needed to fear, but a community of living breathing mystery and metaphor. Cellularly, I could relate to the bee's. As I watched the bumbling bee's visit one blossom to the next I began to see that what I was watching was far from chaos. Initially I had been drawn to the hum, feeling as though I was witnessing my inner turmoil. But upon closer reflection, I saw stillness, intention, intelligence, and simplicity.

I had been transported out of my reality. Suddenly, beyond the bee's I began to notice more. From the field of wild grass, came gently swaying isolated blades of grass, every so gently blowing in the wind. I experienced momentary stillness. I intuited a deep truth about life: that amongst chaos, there is stillness, there is calm, there is an intelligence beyond words.

That day, the bee's showed me a different world. My reality shifted from disconnected and confused to oddly still and sure.

With these magical moments gone as fast as they came, I knew the way in which I was to move forward. I was simply to return home, to tend to my humble garden, my space, my world and YES that would be enough, for now. 

P.S. Want to enrich your relationship with the bee's....

I am currently reading The Shamanic Way of The Bee by Simon Buxton  and I wholeheartedly recommend it. I didn't know prior but according to ancient myths, bees, bears, and boars are animals that serve as a portals to the other worlds.  At the very least this book may help you awaken to the magic of bees. Happy Reading.

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