I see the beauty in Alzheimer's

For some time now, I've wanted to talk about Alzheimer's.

Not just to bitch about how it's decomposing the minds of our aged but to see the tender possibilities of connection and pure love in the most unlikely of places. 

It's true, for all who have witness a loved one deteriorate from vibrant to infantile, swim in a sea of sadness, but mostly we are confused.

How do we connect? How do we help? And how to move forward from here when moving forward actually means digressing and returning to the most basic means of human connection.

Without words, or intellect what is left? 


Simple touch. 

The soul lives even when we have no words to express its existence. 

Some of the most tender moments exchanged between my loved ones afflicted with Alzheimer's have been just that, an exchange of love between two souls.


A sweet caress of the hand. 


A gentle stroke of the hair.

A motherly kiss on the cheek, whispering I love you in their soft ears. 

A tear shed for the grief experienced by the inevitable toll of life. 

I believe in the power of expressing love for love has a frequency that transcends words. 

I believe an empty shell is impossible, for the soul dwells deep within.

Perhaps the aged are inviting us to remember the simplicities of connection and the importance of exchanging love without words. 

I see the beauty in Alzheimer's and I accept the opportunity to express love, care, and connection.  And I shall shed my tears as they come because mourning cannot be stifled.

 (the video below is a touching snippet capturing the connection possible)


Visit memorybridge.org for more on the project cited in the video above. 

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