I believe....

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I believe that one of the greatest ways we can contribute to the world is by building people up. I believe in freely reflecting back to them their unique contributions, brilliance, generosity, care, compassion, and service to others. Therefore I do it often.

I've found we cannot really do this TOO much. I've also found that it is most potent in private. Moments that allow a true connection of intimacy, where you not only SEE but SHARE and HONOR it.

For many years I would say "I am so proud of you"..... but now instead of sharing pride I honor them. I honor their process, who they are and how they share themselves so deeply with me, or allow me to do the same with them.

It is a privilege. It is an honor of the truest kind.

I believe being seen, heard, held and loved is the ultimate gift we can give one another.

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