A Forbidden Conversation

If you don't know Emelie Pickett aka Foxy Sparkles she's a powerhouse of aliveness.

She's launched a video series of Forbidden Conversations and I happened to be the first. I am honored, to say the least.
More so though, I think there's some really meaty things we talk about, including tender moments and stories that are certain to touch on points you can relate to if...

  • you are on a path, any path really but especially if you are the shamanic one
  • you FEEL deeply along the ENTIRE spectrum of emotions
  • you've made difficult choices because you felt compelled to do so, from the depths of your soul
  • get itchy and weird about calling yourself a "shaman"

Watch the convo here. And of course if you want to share your aha moments, comment on her post- I'm totally creeping on the comment thread.

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