the burn that feels so good

as I creep towards 30

some things are changing unexpectedly

I mean, I am still me

but I am not anymore

it's like I've awaken from a coma

who knows how long I was out for

my whole life

I suppose

but the light has been turned on now

and I don't want to go back to what I was doing before

just because it's familiar

I can't

I won't

so for now I sit

taking an inventory of what serves me and what doesn't

I am tossing out broken habits like hot coals

the flesh on my palm singes with each grab

the stench of my own body burning

repulses me

but then I remember that I can't go on, as I have

its an odd sensation, you know

to grip an object that melts your flesh

and to simultaneously fight it's release

knowing that once it leaves your hand immediate relief will be found

but to also crave the burn

because it feels so good

today I choose to honor my flesh

to release the burning ember

but now I face the emptiness

of a space where a coal once burned

as always if you feel pulled to share and connect with me, please do below. I am here, listening and loving each and every one of you.



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