cracking open.....

unknown image source, I'll happily cite it if you know the creator

unknown image source, I'll happily cite it if you know the creator

Sometimes we crack open for no apparent reason and we must simply roll with it......

I don't believe the WHY matters.

It is yet another opportunity to dive into our humanness, our heart, our soul, our story, and the abyss that lies within each of us.

The WHY can taunt us. Blaring failure, shame and pressure for experiencing yet another crack. ("Don't you know you should be immovable? strong? and without flaw?" whispers the ego). This voice, one of many within us, begs us not to forge forward, clambering on pot and pans attempting to distract you from the gift that begins to shine from inside.

Continue on.

Trace the lines of the crack tenderly. Notice what oozes from it? Hurt? Sadness? Joy?

Love yourself in this fragile place.  

Tender places deserve tender care. 

Be gentle with that you see and what you hear. There are natural rhythms to life and on the path to consciousness and awakening, to your own heart + soul.

Without a crack, the light cannot shine forth. Without a crack, a seedling would never germinate into a plant. Without a crack you would stay in the dark, and the light is just to darn good to miss.

Continue on and patiently wait for the gift to emerge... 


Invite me into your sphere.

I'll bring something of substance, every time!

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