Breakdown Before Breakthrough.

That's it, I've had it!

What is it with all the photographs splashed online of luxurious women showcasing their glorious entrepreneurial adventure on a remote mountain top or empty park bench while sipping a latte in a fancy flute?

I mean it's ridiculous. 
Can you even get WIFI there?

These images are SO far from my entrepreneurial experience.

Where's the grit? The friction?
The confusion?
The hard work, focus, and perseverance required to build an online business?

Can YOU build a business that allows you to wear a delicate pink chemise while typing out your next killer launch under the fragrant cherry blossom trees?

Of course you can, but be sure you've taken your antihistamine. You wouldn't want to sacrifice your precious daylight hours sneezing in lieu of changing the world.

Ok I kid but not really.

Personally I prefer cotton and comfort.
The idea of setting up shop on a park bench covered in pigeon poop sounds terrible to me, made worse by being dressed in my best fancy gear.

On MOST days I process images like the ones named above with a particular perspective; I see them as a super intentional plot meant to reel you into the fantasy of entrepreneurship.

But I am human. (shocker!)
I am a lover of beauty.
I am also a lover of reality.

And to sell one without the other is a sham.
And a scam.

Sometimes I feel invisible and un-fancy. In truth, there are many hard working days I don't shower until 10pm because I've been juggling kids, clients, dinner, dog, and you know, everyday life.

My heart is in helping folks build websites (and businesses) that actually make them money AND speaks their craft. I would NEVER promise you three quick solutions to BING, BANG, BOOM.

Because it doesn't work like that.
You already know that.

A solid business is built on a myriad of factors that end up creating a focus. This focus then becomes an art form and a way of being in business, online.

If the images you see online don't reflect your personal and professional experience that's okay. They aren't meant to. 

You also don't have to rake yourself over the coals of idealism, the kind that is so off base and unrealistic that it ONLY hurts.

So next time you see and image, give yourself a break and ask yourself-
"Is this something I even want to be real for me?"

We can use these small moments as an opportunity to refine our own path and trajectory. A wake up call if you will. 

So should you find yourself down in the trenches of deep questioning, hard choices, and frustration, remember that the breakdown ALWAYS precedes the breakthrough.


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