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Often my clients are powerhouses in the real world but need help translating their work and brilliance online. Blogging is a simple, powerful tool at your fingertips with layered benefits and purposes.

Reasons why you should blog?


  • Rich content rules. Blogging is one way to generate and deliver content of your choice to potential customers. You can hope for your bits of knowledge / inspiration to go viral but even if it doesn't it still serves a purpose. Having a blog full of information allows more and more of a change for folks to find your via the Google.
  • Your brand. Your voice. In my experience it takes time to develop, harness and master your unique brand voice. Blogging helps you uncover and strengthen it. Through blogging experiments you can pinpoint what resonates with your folks and what doesn't.
  • Reputation. When a potential client lands on your website and you have blog full of posts it speaks volumes. It *can* signal that you are available, present, consistent, knowledgeable and a whole host of other characteristics that are important to establishing your online presence.

Here are some very basic bits on blogging to help you get started, because after all beginning is the most important step.

  • Write about things, concepts, exercises, personal stories, research- anything that feels relevant to the work you do in the world.  
  • Don't expect to nail it, in the beginning. Allow yourself the flexibility to explore your voice, relevant topics and how they intersect with your people. 
  • Always consider who you are writing for. One of the main purposes to blogging is to create VALUE for your people. You want to enrich the lives of others without making them pay you. Blogging is one seamless, simple way to do this. 
  • Happily re-purpose your content. It is more than appropriate to double up on content you've written and shared, even published previously. 
  • Share the content freely but understand that in the online space- if you want your stuff to be shared it needs to serve aeither be DYNAMITE content to get genuine attention or re-shares OR you need to have a supportive network willing to help blast you around

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