an intimate interview w/ Michele Lisenbury Christensen on feminine power

Since April 2014 I've been rather quiet online. 

I've been occupied with shifting the matrix of my life and completing client projects.

My silence is indicative of my personal learning process alongside a desire to embrace change and life re-design independent from external influences.

Truth is I'm not ready to talk about many things.
One day I know I will, I am just not there yet.

I do however have the desire to expose where I find myself because I KNOW I am not alone in the process AND I feel that the value lie is revealing WHERE I am, as I find myself there.

Currently, my priorities lie in the realm of deeply understanding myself, my tendency to default to "smart + tough" instead of folding INTO the experience, and how this informs every nook and cranny of my life (professionally and personally).

And so I sought a mentor to shed light on my process: Michele Lisenbury Christensen of

I adore her for many reasons but namely that she brings to this world a critical message + work in realm of leadership, intimacy, POWER with such grace, smarts and natural-ness.

Our intention from the get go was to have an unfiltered conversation.

I agreed to bare my process + ask pressing questions, messy and all.

Michele brought her refreshing, unadorned experience, wisdom, and grace- loose ends and all.

During this one hour audio we cover LOTS of ground, including...

  • what transitions (and evolutions) REALLY LOOK LIKE in life
  • RISK, danger and threats in the world of feminine power
  • giving yourself PERMISSION to have a f*cking process
  • motherhood, children + consequences of our work on the world
  • + MORE.... (really, I can't possibly name it all!)

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