a strategy for living a good life

Here's a strategy for living a good life.

  1. Be generous, kind, and forgiving.
  2. Practice saying what you mean and meaning what you say.  
  3. Don't take other peoples ass-holery personal. One day it will be your turn to tick people off and it will have nothing to do with them and everything with you. Trust that if your the problem, you'll be notified.
  4. Quit obsessing over yourself, it's taking up too much room in that head of yours. You are bright, beautiful and lovely just as you are.
  5. Help someone, anyone when the instinct arises to do so. Don't over think helping and being of service.
  6. Value your needs, desires, thoughts, joys and dreams. Don't sacrifice them to keep the peace. Giving away your inner peace for the possibility of it existing externally is a poor risky trade.
  7. Find your path. Follow it until the marked signposts end. Then wander. Take your brave heart and intuition with you, you'll need it.
  8. Evaluate what "success" means to you, often. Remind yourself and don't compare your success to someone else's. That hurts. Promise.
  9. Take any numbered list with a grain of salt, it cannot possibly cover everything.

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