a mini lesson in abundance


"we can only keep what we have by giving it away." 

It's a powerful sentence. A great north star for living.  

I want to share a small example, my most recent experience, in giving and receiving and why I wholeheartedly believe we can only keep what we have by giving it away.

Case in point?  Feathers. 

Just yesterday I was in the blistering desert sands of St. George, Utah ending a week of pampering and luxury ( a treat I gave myself after 5 years of graduate school). During my visit I had found a bright, soft, white feather that I carried with me during important contemplative hikes and inward moments. I felt grateful to find this treasure in the barren land of the red rocks. In fact I  came to treasure it, which really isn't unusual given my love for feathers (see my instagram) but nonetheless important. I mean who wants to part with special goodies?

On my final morning, I took a contemplative walk in the labyrinth. In the center lay an altar. Amongst it were treasured tokens left by many who came before me.

Throughout my desert visit, I had infused my wish and appreciation into this feather. And now...... now it was time to leave it behind, to say goodbye without hesitation.  

The end.... or so I thought.

When I returned home I had this waiting for my by my bedside.....

3 bee-utiful feathers and other nature inspired goodies collected by my own kids, for me. 

This is my version of mini-karma, of the (almost) instant variety.

A perfect example of how we can only keep what we have by giving it away. 

Invite me into your sphere.

I'll bring something of substance, every time!

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