a love note to my fellow sisters

you don't need another cream for your complexion

or to be thinner than you are

please don't hide your unruly, bushy eyebrows

or crooked teeth when you smile

we love you just the way you are

your freckles and wrinkles tell a story

not only of the wear and tear of life we all endure

but of the adventures you have lived

perfection is an illusion

a brutal enemy with a relentless spirit

it chases us down the road until we collapse from fatigue

where we must surrender to our beauty as it is

or get back up and keep running

when our youthly, fresh figure has disappeared

and along with it our innocence

we are left with a body that has faced many battles

this is where I discovered beauty shifts

and that the best beauty secret cannot be bought

or bottled up

this something permeates your pores, effortlessly

others can sense it and see it

they will want to know your secret

you can whisper in their ear

I found my Inner Zen

they won't believe you

but that won't matter

because after all we've been taught beauty can only be bought

and it must fit within certain standards

pause for a moment

see that real beauty moves

and morphs

flow with the rhythm of your own beauty

allow yourself to settle into your bones

and see yourself as the world does

focus on your Inner Zen

and when someone asks what your secret is

share it freely with them

Invite me into your sphere.

I'll bring something of substance, every time!

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