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The Place Where Magic Happens + 3 HELPFUL tools to stay in the zone

As you sit down to write the content or copy for your site undoubtably you will hit an akward brick wall of silence.

This drawing depicts the zone of magic where you want to stay when you begin writing the content for your site.

You can see that the sweet spot lie’s in a place where you harmonize all three know-ings. In order to ensure that you write and stay rooted in this place, I'm sharing 3 super straightforward yet surprisingly helpful tools.

Tool #1

Employ Your Filter

Remember the brand framework I shared with you?  If you've taken the time to go through this and the other insightful lessons my BYBAW series: laying the foundation for your online presence then you are already well underway to building an incredible filter for your business.

Want to know if you should include a page or piece of content on your website? Run it through your filter.

Want to know if you should create a specific offering? 
Run it through your filter.

Want to know what to charge for a service? Run it through your filter.

Want to know if you should include a specific part of your personal story in your about page? Run it through your filter.

By now I am certain you are saying, “Okay! Okay I get it. ‘Run it through my filter’ But how do I do that?!”

The great news is this doesn’t require you to learn anything new! 

You are already familiar with your filter, as it is essentially the basic framework I’ve already provided you.

Here it is again…

Your business filter gives you 4 legs to run each decision through.
To employ your filter ask yourself…

Is this in alignment with my natural way, my authentic strengths and in my zone of genius? Or am I off track?

Is this in alignment with what fuels my work and me? Or have I made a sacrifice here?

Is this valuable and helpful to my people? Or nay?

Is this on target for what I can deliver? Or beyond the scope?

You want to be able to answer YES to each of filter checkpoints because they are what provides continuity in your voice, your services and your brand experience.

Even in places of experimentation you’ll want to remain within the bounds of your filter, aka your framework. 


Tool #2

Café Chit Chat

Don’t underestimate the casual name of this tool. It can save your hiney over and over again.

The premise of this tool is this…

If you wouldn’t say it over coffee with a colleague, potential client or engaged friend don’t write it on your website.

I’ve noticed that when it comes to writing the content of our online space, we easily slip into a lofty, unrealistic conversation. This tool gives you the ability to envision yourself in a real conversation, saying exactly what you’ve written.

If it feels off, adjust it. Wherever it make you think or feel, “ooohhh, I’d never say that face-to-face with someone”… that is where you want to make revisions.

To invoke the cafe chit chat tool you’ll simple want to use your visionary skills to imagine you’re sitting in a pleasant café with an engaged pal and you enter into a conversation about your work.

This isn’t a selling conversation, just a real one about what you do. And the listener is genuinely curious. 

Imagine yourself literally saying what you’ve written and plan to put on the website.

How does it feel? Genuine and true? Rigid and put on? Personality-less? Or spot on?

Just observe and notice where you are right on target and what needs to be re-worked.

Keep this tool in your back pocket and whip it out each and every time you go to publish content on your website!


Tool #3

Client Goggles

Invest in either a real or metaphorical pair of goggles to wear and transform your perspective.

When you put on your client goggles you do so with the intention of abandoning your perspective and dedicating yourself to the perspective of your reader and ideal client.

You’ll want to read, hear, perceive and feel just as your people would.

How do they feel reading what you’ve written?

Are they engaged with your words?

Are they in your rhythm? 
What more are they wanting to know and to get from you?

Employing the client goggles give you an opportunity to de-personalized your website content and attachment to your creation.

After all you want others to respond to your creation, so you must be able to see it from their eyes.

> Tool Recap

# 1     Employ Your Filter
# 2     Café Chit Chat
# 3     Client Goggles

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Laying The Foundation For Your Online Presence

As I shift my focus towards doing more healing work and less business consulting (beyond web design projects) I've decided to give my best resources away! If you are looking to either shape your online presence from ground zero or simply refine your passion fueled micro business then be sure to review this series of blog posts and download and complete both the Self Assessment / Brand Discovery Action Item and  to create solid ground under your feet.

  1. The 4 Laws of Brand Building (for independent creatives)
  2. Your Brand Framework 
  3. Online Brand Building Rules of Engagement
  4. The Value of Knowing Yourself

Once you've reviewed each of these lessons you'll want to put your knowledge in action.

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The Value of Knowing Yourself

YOU play a critical role in your business.
YOU create products and deliver services.
While you may not be the business itself, YOU are a critical component.

For this very reason you must know yourself.  You must deeply understand how you are built and then create from this place of knowing.

If you ignore your basic make-up and your natural rhythms, you, your business, and your clients will suffer for it.

The alternative is to adopt curiosity and a spirit of discovery for who you are, what your truth is, and how that shifts, naturally, over time. 

Equipped with a strong sense of Self and a firm commitment to building a website (and a business) that honors you is a game changer. From here, the only place to go is forward on the path of creation and mastering the Self. 

You have full and complete permission to infuse what you know to be true into your vision from the get-go. 

In fact, please do.

This post is part of the Laying The Foundation For Your Online Presence series.
View all 4 posts and download the 2 interactive PDFs to help you discover and draw insightful conclusions about your vision, here.

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