9 reasons to not use WORDPRESS

9 reasons to not use word press

Wordpress is the devil. I've said it many times. I'll say it again. over and over. 

I know that countless online bloggers and entrepreneurs are using this blogging/ website platform that has taken the web by storm but it sucks. I battled Wordpress for two years only to have my entire site crash and burn. I ended up with a big old corrupted theme and a no-good back up file. Yes this could happen to you. It might not but it could. On top of a nuclear meltdown here are the top reasons why I say RUN FAST and FAR away from Wordpress. 

  1. Everyone and their mother is using Wordpress. That in of itself is enough reason to QUESTION it.

  2. It's "free". It never ends up being free after you purchase a fancy theme, fancy plug ins and necessary security services.

  3. It's an unsafe platform. There are malicious bugs and hackers that do things like this and this

  4. You need a fancy plug-in for every function and integration. Plug-ins cause coding errors. Plug-ins are the devil's spawn.  

  5. More of the same. Everyone's website looks the same.  You want to stand out.

  6. With each Wordpress upgrade (and they happen frequently) guess what- every plugin in must be tweaked to run smooth.  

  7. Continual frustration. I eliminate things that continually frustrate me. Case in point? Coding nightmares, plug-in meltdowns and god knows what else happens under the hood of Wordpress. For months I battled disappearing text. I paid several developers to fix it, to no avail.

  8. Wordpress doesn't have a place to get support. Sure there are forums and boards you can search but there is no one accountable to helping you. 

  9. Time and money seep out of your pockets little by little. When your cost comparing be sure to take into account your theme + premium plugins + security + maintenance servicing. Squarespace is the simple beautiful alternative. 


Apparently I'm not the only one who despises Wordpress: a quick Google search for"reasons to not use Wordpress" gives me this, this, and this.


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