10 Truths

  1. Life on life's terms will sometimes hurt. This is unavoidable.  
  2. Life on life's terms will also sometimes feel good, really, really good.
  3. "In the meantime" is a place to know well, to settle into and get real comfortable with.
  4. Good things happen to bad people. Bad things happen to good people. In the end we are all people, just living life, the best we can. Good and bad all becomes terribly relative.
  5. Intelligence, a good education, and knowing a lot will not spare you from the pain found in the grooves of a rich life experience. 
  6. One can experience gratitude and profound sadness and grief, simultaneously. 
  7. Feelings won't kill you, despite feeling like they will.
  8. Deep feeling people need deep feeling friends. 
  9. This too shall pass.  
  10. It's worth it, all of it.

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