what its really like to be an HSP EMPATH
Hi there. I'm  Sarah  a highly sensitive, high sensation seeking, hyper empath.  shew!  That's a mouth full. Hands down, my super power is my sensitivity and yet it is something I've wrestled for, like ever. Because I believe in telling the truth, here is my experience. May it serve you...

Hi there. I'm Sarah a highly sensitive, high sensation seeking, hyper empath. shew! That's a mouth full. Hands down, my super power is my sensitivity and yet it is something I've wrestled for, like ever. Because I believe in telling the truth, here is my experience. May it serve you...

Let's get one thing straight, right away: 

I wholeheartedly believe in healing, transforming wounds and personal growth. 1000%
Unfortunately some truths have been drowned out in our green smoothie, capitalistic, patriarchal culture.  

Not everything can be fixed. 
Nor does it need to be.

"Healing" might look like a shift in perspective and not a change in circumstance.

Please, please, please don't pressure yourself to transcend the human experience.

  • I've learned that my sensitivity is a finely tuned tool that reflects truth.

  • I understand my superpower (my sensitivity) comes with limitations and I am free to construct a life that caters to this, doing so is an act of self love and care, not selfish.

  • As a highly sensitive, hyper empath I am uniquely configured to connect with other people. I also have a very low tolerance for "small talk", it feels like dying a small death. Meaningful connection is a true currency in our world, something people crave and need.

  • I require a lot of solitude and space to detach, distract, create, and process. If I don't get that, I fall apart.

  • Subtle cues from my body is valuable information. Subtlety is in the zone of genius for HSPs.

  • Physical illness, pain and depression / anxiety are par for the course at times but also contain valuable information. Typically these indicate hypersensitivity and require intervention / continuous care.

  • As a human being I am inherently imperfect. As a highly sensitive being I know I will seek relief and comfort by self-medicating. I can choose to self-medicate consciously and in ways that nourish and care for myself or I can unconsciously self-medicate in efforts to numb out. Reality looks like a mix of both :)

  • 3/18/2017 will mark 15 years clean and sober for this gal. Understanding my sensitivity and high sensation seeking nature has been critical in my ability to extend forgiveness, grace, and compassion to myself.


As with every quality / characteristic there is a spectrum.

------ LOW ------ NORMAL ------ HIGH / HYPER --------

As a HSP / hyper empath I want to ensure that I stay healthy.

This requires me be extra mindful and vigilant of how I spend my time, how I give of myself and how I participate in social and community events. I also take full responsibility for regulating my own emotions and energy. When making decisions and dreaming, it is wise to consider my needs and sensitivity.



Highly sensitive empathic people are natural healers.

Your wired to intuitively know and see. Its so natural it may not occur to you that not everyone is wired similarly. I've noticed that HSPs and empaths are naturally drawn to each other. 

PERMISSION 1st, always.

All healing exchanges begin with permission. It's a matter of integrity.

I have a strict rule of "thou shall not interfere" unless specifically invited. I take this very seriously. In the world of healing I see rampant mis-use of "seeing" and "knowing". These gifts come with the territory of being emotionally intelligent and intuitive, core qualities of highly sensitive empaths.

We must be responsible stewards of our gifts.

Master the art of remaining neutral.

Ever heard the tale about the Chinese Farmer? Listen to the 2 min fable, here.

I have come to greatly respect the art of remaining neutral. I've discovered that the availability of my emotional bandwidth largely depends on the degree to which I am neutral, particularly in regards to the needs and feelings of others. 

Neutrality is the antidote to burn out. It takes a high level of self awareness, mindfulness and practice but it's worth it. As a gal who was once named "Most Opinionated" in high school it's no small miracle that I am telling you this.  :)

There will be people who don't understand or respect your sensitivity.

FACT! It sucks but it's true. It seems like a cruel joke to have your sensitivity met with insensitivity but it will happen. Unless someone is highly sensitive themselves or has a close connection to a HSP odds are they will not truly get it. 

I think it's been most difficult for me to validate my own level of sensitivity. I've attended countless healing circles and workshops only to be doubled over in the corner, sick as hell. On the spectrum on sensitivity, I'm at the tippy top.

I've faced many dark times, crippled by my sensitivity only to discover strength by surrendering and embracing it. My sensitivity is my teacher.

Speaking of teachers, choose wisely!

Run like hell from teachers who don't understand or cater to your highly sensitive nature. Heed this warning: choose your spiritual teachers wisely for they have a great influence on your path and psyche.



* indicates required

Rely on tools to do the "heavy lifting".

Energy is everything.

Highly sensitive empaths are naturally impacted to a greater degree by the field of energy around them. Tools are tangible therapeutic resources that nourish and support the many needs of the HSP.

NOTE: In the categorized preferred tool list below, often 1 tool addresses several areas.

(BODY) Tools for Physical Wellness

  • movement (ranges from rigorous activity to gentle exercise - YOU choose!)

  • massage, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, reflexology, and chiropractic care

  • eating well (be mindful of toxins, sugar, stimulants and synthetic, processed foods)

  • essential oils and supplements (Vit D, Magnesium and Vit B are my go to)

(MIND) Tools for Mental Wellness

  • reading, reading, reading (for pleasure and for information, new perspectives / info)

  • trusted, intimate, reciprocal relationships

  • meditation to silence and soothe the overactive mind (I prefer grounding)

(HEART) Tools for Emotional Wellness

  • feeling your feelings (emotions are valuable information)

  • give yourself space and solitude to go deeply internal, process and unpack what your heart is energetically carrying

  • be creative! (color, create, garden, bake, build, paint, dance...)

  • write your heart out to uncover and acknowledge your truth

  • embrace and embody your truth

  • express your truth wisely, with discernment

(SPIRIT) Tools for Spiritual Wellness

  • beautify your environment (beauty and art are a true HSP spiritual need)

  • cultivate a deeply satisfying relationship with Spirit / Life

  • ask for guidance (through formal and informal prayer and sacred ritual)

  • share who you are with others, let them do the same with you

Here are my personal go to sources for sensitivity support: