Invoke the Invisible: Healthy Energy Habits for Sensitive People

This course is for those who feel like they are too sensitive for the world. Widely misunderstood sensitivity is typically considered a liability. However, I believe highly sensitive empaths serve a critical purpose — we are the canaries in the coal mine. Our bodies and sensitive constitution signals WARNING, DANGER, CAUTION to people, places, and things that fail to be acknowledged by the general population.

This is both a gift and a curse. I know because on the spectrum of sensitivity, I fall in the upper echelon. Most teachers are regurgitating practices without providing critical review and the oh-so-necessary foundation knowledge needed to understand and really engage concepts.

This program teaches you a simple but powerful repertoire of health energy habits that will support your sensitive nature by ultimately helping to regulate your nervous system and provide electrical nutrition to your body. You’ll also become more literate in the types of body intelligence and naturally strengthen your intuition and spiritual connection through tangible practices.

In this course you’ll gain:

  • a satisfying view on what it means to be and live as a highly sensitive empath during times of collapse

  • foundation knowledge of electrical nutrition and the body mechanisms it supports

  • scientific evidence on the most effective, up-to-date energy practices and techniques

  • improved benchmark strengths in resiliency, discernment, and reciprocal spiritual practices

I want you to have the ways and means to soothe a frazzled nervous system and shift into a centered space, regardless of the chaos around you.


sensitive you — grounded, centered, resilient.
ready for what life brings you.

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