This step, first and foremost, serves to seal your energy into your physical body. You are a powerful being with the capability to erect an energetic boundary around yourself at any point in time. Boundaries, in all forms, are a wise living practice, so creating those boundaries is an essential element in this daily ritual.

Consciously creating a container is particularly helpful for empaths and highly sensitive people in reducing unwelcomed energy taxation caused by unconsciously experiencing others emotions. Remember, emotions have an energetic charge to them that others can feel and tune into. Since empaths can naturally sense and respond to the energy of others, it then becomes necessary to be responsible for your own energy field. Empowered empathic sensitivity is a gift when you have the awareness to decipher what is truly yours, and what is not.

Be in your own skin, as an act of self-loving.

 - H. Raven Rose

To protect yourself, simply:

  • Center yourself with deep, meditative breaths.
  • Visualize a spherical, gold band of light close to your body.
  • Notice how it feels to be safely contained in this bubble.
  • Focus on expanding this bubble past your body to the point of comfort. Be generous in the size of your protective bubble. You don’t want to feel suffocated by your protective boundary. It should feel expansive and safe.

Affirm: I am safe and contained. No one can truly harm me, unless I allow them to.

Things to note:

Color can be a powerful healing agent.

Feel free to play with colors; you can imagine a band of any color light surrounding you.

To identify a different color, simply allow a color to appear to you while doing the visualization described above.  Accept whatever color comes to you; don’t over-think it.

In addition to sealing your aura, or creating an energetic bubble which extends far past the physical body, this step also:

  • Acts as a radio signal, attracting resonate energies while repelling dissonant energies
  • Reduces unconscious energetic leaks
  • Improves (but does not remove) empathic sensitivity

This does not mean that you will only attract resonant energies, but it will aid in your ability to be, and respond from, a place of self-containment.

Ah, yes, and please don’t forget to accompany your energetic boundaries with practical strategies, after all…

“No" is a complete sentence.

 - Anne Lamott

Healthy Boundaries is one of the 7 daily practices outlined in the Start Your Day Off Right e-Guide.