(re)Claim ownership of your energy

ground your energy

Grounding is an excellent self-care practice that helps ensure you are senior in your space. I recommend grounding regularly in addition to POWERING UP your energy.

Both practices are FREE and simple.

To learn how to protect your energy as an empath and highly sensitive person, visit this page for more info, including a video tutorial. 

As for grounding, you'll find an in-depth education below. I want you to explore the many options and ways to transform your energy.


Essential Teachings & Concepts

“Nature, too, supports our personal blossoming (if we have any quiet exposure to her)
through her spontaneities, through her beauty, power, and mirroring,
through her dazzling variety of species and habitats, and by way of the wind, Moon, Sun, stars, and galaxies.”  
― Bill Plotkin, Nature and the Human Soul


Energy is the essence of everything, including us humans. Energy is the basis of our cells, our emotions, our bodies, our health, and everything else in the Universe. It makes sense, therefore, to tend to your energy system.

This need not be complicated or costly. In fact, grounding is a personal, private practice / source of replenishment available to you at any moment, for zero dollars.

Truly, there is no right or wrong way to ground. Some practices will be more powerful for you personally and I encourage you to follow the thread of your intuition and interest. So, get comfortable and dig in... 


Feeling peaceful, coordinated, calm and centered? Chances are, you're grounded.
Feeling clumsy, anxious, confused and overwhelmed?

You guessed it. You're not grounded.

Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.
— Theodore Roosevelt

In "Grounding is Good Medicine" Francesca McCartney, PhD, president of the Academy of Intuition Medicine, created a super helpful chart for quickly identifying how it feels to be grounded. 


First and foremost is it important to understand that grounding is a form of meditation.
There are many, many ways to meditate, including active forms of meditation, not just through stillness.

If you are anything like me and your mind is strong and active, then learning how to relax, to quiet the mind, and to listen deeply is no easy task. On one hand the mind is a gift and a great resource available to you but it can also be an hinderance to magic and mystical experiences.

I've found active forms of meditation, primarily mindful walks in nature, to be a powerful gateway and portal of self awareness, wisdom and deep communication with Spirit (life). 

I believe it is safe to assume you are seeking a deeper, truer connection and on-going conversation with Spirit (and Life) because the truth is we all are. 

Side note: I use the term "SPIRIT" to fully encompass the sacred powers that be. You are free to replace this word with something that suites you better. To the atheist this may best be represented with the word "NATURE OR LIFE". For Christians "GOD" is fitting. Taoists speak of "FLOW" while Native Americans use "CREATOR".

Regardless of where you fall on the spiritual spectrum we all have one thing in common; nature.
She is the portal.

Therefore, I recommend beginning with the following personal grounding practice:

MINDFUL nature walks

Why do I love and recommend this practice so much?
Deceptively simple, this practice caters to a wide variety of preferences and circumstances while putting you in direct contact with Nature. The most powerful mystical experiences often occur in nature not while visualizing it. 




    • Walk alone or walk with others. You really can't get it wrong.

    • The tempo of your walk can vary. I tend to lean toward a leisurely stroll but if you crave a more rigorous, sweaty hike, by all means honor that.

    • Minimum suggested length twenty minutes. It takes time to silence the mind and open up, particularly in times of stress.


    How you set your intention needs to match your own way of communicating with Spirit.
    • Like to make lists? Jot down your primary concerns or questions, place them in your pocket and ask for answers / guidance.
    • Maybe you're a ritualist at heart. Develop a personal prayer to open your heart, silence the mind and open to receive.
    • For the adventurers, forgo a specific need / question or concern and simply tell Spirit you are walking to  learn and explore.

Once you've gotten clear on "WHY" you are walking (and remember that why is determined by you)
you are free to begin.


    • The language of nature is primarily through symbolism, metaphor and synchronicity.
    • If you already have a strong dialogue with Spirit, walking and listening, deeply will only strengthen it.
    • If you are seeking to strengthen your dialogue with Spirit, let her show you the way on your walk.

GROUNDING meditations & Visualizations

Use your imagination and breath to move energy and tap into THE source of powerful life-nourishing energy.


  • you may or may not feel any sensations.

    • Sensation does not indicate effectiveness. Dedicate yourself to the practice of grounding, frequently, and you'll notice a improved sense of inner stability and flexibility.

  • energy is everything.

    • All living things, including you and me, and the Earth have a core essence. This essence is an intelligent, spiritual energy and it cannot be destroyed.

    • This spiritual energy takes various names across cultures, including Light, Love, Holy Spirit, Chi, Consciousness, Reiki and the Body Electric, to name a few.

    • Energy is energy, and not inherently bad or good. It simply is. Energy operates on a spectrum of resonance rather than good or bad. 

    • By tending to your energy you are tending to your whole self.

  • healing through transforming and transmuting energy.

    • Grounding encompasses anchoring, purging, replenishing and healing your energy.
    • Energy can transform instantaneously however understand grounding is merely one aspect of caring for your energy and soul.
    • Directly and intentionally grounding shifts your reliance to a power Source far beyond your singular abilities. (That's a good thing!)
    • Grounding is not a one-way channel. When you ground you open a direct portal of energy to flow. Here is your opportunity to transmute un-harmonious energy wreaking havoc on your system. 




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To ground in the standing position, simply:

  • Close your eyes and take several deep, meditative breaths.
    (Correct deep breathing allows your breath to penetrate deep into your pelvic region, inflating your belly, while your shoulders remain resting.)
  • Stand tall but comfortably.
  • If you are outside, find a tree to lean against. Otherwise simply use your imagination to visualize a landscape that brings you comfort. Picture a strong, mature, well-anchored tree. Feel free to select a tree you feel a particular affinity to, like a redwood, palm, or oak tree.
  • Using your awareness of your body, find in your minds eye the soft bottoms of your feet.
  • Imagine creating openings in both feet, again using only the power of your imagination.
  • Now form roots leaving your feet, penetrating the ground beneath you.
  • Visualize your invisible roots as they penetrate the Earth’s surface. Allow them to travel through the dirt, soil and bedrock until they access the pulsing center of the Earth. Sense the vitality of this Source.
  • Allow your deeply anchored roots to absorb the life force energy.
  • Notice how swiftly her energy sweeps through your entire being (up your feet and legs, traveling through your core and to the top of your head, then cycles down through your shoulders, hands and legs, returning to the Earth,  leaving your body just as it entered, through the bottom of your feet).
  • Stay with this visualization for as long as its comfortable. Be a witness to the replenishment of your energy field.
  • Embody gratitude and thank Spirit and the Earth.

To ground in the sitting position, simply: 

  • Sit in a comfortable position, making sure your back is aligned.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Take several deep, meditative breaths to become fully present.
  • Locate the base of your spine, where your bum meets the ground (or chair).
  • Visualize a tube of light extending from your tailbone, penetrating whatever is beneath you.
  • Imagine this tube of light penetrating to the core of the Earth. You are now connected with the center of the Earth.  
  • Visualize and feel the pulsing energy move up through the tube, energizing your body.  This powerful life force is swimming through your body, replenishing each cell with harmonious energy.
  • Recycle out through the tube any stress or unwanted energy. The Earth gladly accepts and transmutes this energy back into a useful form.
  • Again say thank you. 

Sarah H Nicotra  MTP, MAOM, GC-C, Certified Medical Reiki Master ™  This is me in full fairy mode, reveling in grounding glory. 

Sarah H Nicotra MTP, MAOM, GC-C,
Certified Medical Reiki Master ™ 
This is me in full fairy mode, reveling in grounding glory.