DeathWalking: Liminal Space mentoring


I help people face death— both the physical departure from the body and the metaphorical shedding/rebirth process of the next, new you.

Full disclosure: I did not choose to become a death walker. It is where my path has taken me. You could say I was made for this work. That is true.

Deathwalking is a deeply personal, highly individualistic process where one must face the disintegration of what you know and understand, to embrace the mystery of the unknown. 

No doubt there are pockets in this process that can be unsettling but the possibility to experience profound meaning, magic, and connection beyond what can be expressed in words, is there. I can guide you to what you need and seek.


Which pathway speaks to you?

End of Life Guide

Dying ain't easy. It's scary and uncertain and our culture does very little to prepare us (and our families) for it. Deathwalking consultations provide critical end of life education, support, nonjudgemental spiritual companionship and conflict resolution. We can safely explore your fears/doubts/concerns and create a doable plan for resolution which guides you towards peace, understanding, and love external. 

Liminal Space Coaching

Transitions are tough— divorce, moving, job loss, death, having children, becoming an empty nester, illness. Life is constantly providing you with opportunities to grow. It's uncomfortable but full of potential and possibility. Birthing the next iteration of you is serious work. I can help you do it and do it well. 


I bring a powerful presence in the face of death (literally and metaphorically) and am deeply committed to helping others experience beauty, peace, trust, and love in the midst of disintegration. Professionally I draw upon a solid work experience as a Hospice chaplain, certified grief counselor, and energy healer to provide accurate assessment and interventions to meet your needs.

how to get started

Deathwalking is a hands-on, deeply transformative service which includes a series of powerful 1 on 1 sessions infused with in-between support, when you need it. This service is centralized around your needs, goals, and spiritual orientation.  A customized partnership package will be crafted to suite your specific needs. I am willing to travel/work in person.

To determine how I can best support you please book a deathwalking consultation.



I am not a licensed therapist and do not practice clinical counseling. You can view my credentials here.
Also, you as a client will be required to read and sign this required release prior to any session.