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If I'm tired of sharing the same ole "about page" I can imagine that you as a reader must be over it too. So, instead of telling you the tale of who I was vs. who I am now, I'm throwing norms overboard and leading with my values, experience, and my humanity. If at the end of reading this you are still interested in "getting to know me", you'll find a link.

Sarah H Nicotra, MTP, MAOM, GC-C, RNC, Certified Medical Reiki Master

Sarah H Nicotra  MTP, MAOM, GC-C, RNC, Cert. Medical Reiki Master

Professional Trade + Qualifications

In everything I do, I am a healer, a midwife of the soul.

Because there is no professional accountability for this particular profession, I work as a coach/consultant and spiritual care provider.

It's important to me that you know I've owned and operated my own business Asgardian Coaching & Consulting, LLC since 2011. I make most of my living (about 75%) by providing business coaching, consulting and admin services while the remaining 25% accounts for professional intuitive services/integrative spiritual care. I have intentionally sequestered my earnings off of spiritual work because of the inherent conflicts I've discovered in pursing a full-time living endangers my health and keeps me imprisoned in a patriarchal system I vehemently despise. 

This website (and my instagram) are a creative labor of love, the place where I bring forward the fruits of my life-long study, personal experience, and psychic perception. 

Credentials, Certifications and Experience Includes:

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  • Knowledge-Based Professional Coach Training (ICF Certification Pending)
  • Registered Naturopathic Counselor IANHP (2018)
  • Advanced Medical Intuition w/ Tina Zion (2017)
  • 1000+ clinical hours as a Hospice Chaplain (2015-2017)
  • Certified Medical Reiki Master ™ (2016)
  • Certified Grief Counselor (American Academy of Grief Counseling) Exp. 2019
  • Viking Woman Workshop w Randi Buckley (2015)
  • Astrological Apprenticeship to the Sacred Wild Powers of Nature with Kathleen Prophet (2015)
  • Masters in Transpersonal Psychology from The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (now Sofia University) 2013
  • Contemporary Shamanic Apprenticeship with Robin Rice (2013-2014 and 2014-2015)
  • Masters in Organizational Management (2011) and Bachelors in Psychology (2007)
  • 9 Rites of Munay-Ki  (2012)


My professional practice reflects a strong Asgardian/Norse influence sprinkled with both Celtic and Christian Mysticism, a true blend of my colonial and indigenous Northwestern European ancestral lineage.

I do not position myself as a teacher of the Norse or Celtic paths but promise to continually ensure my teaching reflects proper attribution of all teachers, healing techniques, rituals, perspectives, and the like.

On Cultural Appropriation 
I've dedicated a significant portion of my personal resources towards studying different perspectives like Quechuan spirituality, Native American perspectives, Taoism, and beyond. While I hold a deep reverence for these perspectives and acknowledge the role they have played in shaping my world view, I do not profit from teaching their ways.


  • My professional practice shall never go beyond the scope of which I am specifically trained and certified
  • My professional practice does not diagnosis, treat, or cure and medical disease or conditions
  • My professional allied health and wellness practice is not licensed and therefore does not provide therapy services
  • All support services are provided in an educational/entertainment format
  • Your information is held in strict confidence with two caveats: should you inform me of intent to harm yourself or another I will be required to report to local authorities


Identity Statement
I'm a highly sensitive, white, cisgendered pansexual in a long-term committed monogamous heterosexual relationship who's lived with chronic illness for over 15 years therefore my able-bodiedness fluctuates. I go by the pronouns she/her.

Inclusivity Statement
I actively seek to not exclude or discriminate against any group of persons based on race, class, disability, sexuality, religion or lack of religion. All services and teachings are being reviewed and revamped to a greater standard of care.

Anti-Racism Statement
First and foremost, I pledge to have a positive impact on humanity and do less harm to BIPOC. I am committed to consistent public action that condemns racism, educates folks on whiteness and white supremacy, and uplifts and amplifies the voices and works of BIWOC. I expect to be held accountable to this pledge and invite you to hold me accountable. (please visit this link for resources I hope you'll dive into)

Personal Belief Statement
I most closely identify with pantheistic/animistic paganism. Essentially, as a pagan, my personal spiritual practice is nature/earth-centric and heavily influenced by visions, dreamtime teachers, and my pre-Christian Norse orientation. 

I was raised in a Presbyterian Church, baptized as a child and confirmed as a pre-teen. In my heart I never connected to the concept of Christianity but rather adopted a curious world view point where I studied many religions and spiritual paths believing there is no one "right" way to reach God/the divine. While I am not a Christian, per say, I hold a deep reverence for Christ, Christ consciousness, and have a particular fascination with Jesus and his relationship with Lazarus.

I have logged over 1000+ clinical hours as a Hospice Chaplain which requires a familiarity, understanding, and demonstration of competence across all faiths.



sarah h nicotra

A portion of my revenue continuously supports disaster relief, anti-racism efforts and preserving natural resources.

Current + recent causes include: