about my hybrid approach


My professional practice reflects an Asgardian influence and is firmly rooted in my Northwestern European ancestral lineage. I do not position myself as a teacher of the Norse or Celtic paths but promise to continually ensure my teaching reflects proper attribution of all teachers, healing techniques, rituals, perspectives, and the like. I've dedicated a significant portion of my personal resources towards studying different perspectives like Quechuan spirituality, Native American perspectives, Taoism, and beyond. While I hold a deep reverence for these perspectives and acknowledge the role they have played in shaping my world view, I do not profit from teaching their ways. Alongside ancient perspectives, I teach forward-thinking quantum healing concepts newly available to us, here on earth.


  • My professional practice shall never go beyond the scope of which I am specifically trained and certified (link)
  • My professional practice does not diagnosis, treat, or cure and medical disease or conditions
  • My professional allied health and wellness practice is not licensed and therefore does not provide therapy services
  • All support services are provided in an educational/entertainment format
  • Your information is held in strict confidence with two caveats: should you inform me of intent to harm yourself or another I will be required to report to local authorities


I'm not one for labels or spiritual identities however I understand the value of being able to point to a category to create a foundation for understanding. I most closely identify with pantheistic/animistic paganism. Essentially, as a pagan, my personal spiritual practice is nature/earth-centric and heavily influenced by visions, dreamtime teachers, and my pre-Christian Germanic orientation. 

I was raised in a Presbyterian Church, baptized as a child and confirmed as a pre-teen. In my heart I never connected to the concept of Christianity but rather adopted a curious world view point where I studied many religions and spiritual paths believing there is no one "right" way to reach God/the divine. While I am not a Christian, per say, I hold a deep reverence for Christ, Christ consciousness, and have a particular fascination with Jesus and his relationship with Lazarus.

I have logged over 1000+ clinical hours as a Hospice Chaplain which requires a familiarity, understanding, and demonstration of competence across all faiths.


Credentials, Certifications & Experience

  • 3rd Eye Mentoring with Elizabeth Wood (2018) 
  • Registered Naturopathic Counselor IANHP (2018)
  • Advanced Medical Intuition w/ Tina Zion (2017)
  • Sacred Journey to PERU / studied Quechuan spirituality (2017)
  • USUI Reiki Master and Certified Medical Reiki Master™ (2016)
  • Certified Grief Counselor (American Academy of Grief Counseling) Exp. 2019
  • Viking Woman Workshop w Randi Buckley (2015)
  • Astrological Apprenticeship to the Sacred Wild Powers of Nature with Kathleen Prophet (2015)
  • MTP: Masters in Transpersonal Psychology 2013 (specializing in Spiritual Psychology) from The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (now Sofia University) 2013
  • Contemporary Shamanic Apprenticeship with Robin Rice (2013-2014)
  • MAOM: Masters in Organizational Management (2011)
  • Bachelors in Psychology (2007)
  • Chios Master Teacher Energy Healer (2012)
  • 9 Rites of Munay-Ki  (2012)

Professional Experience Highlights:

  • 1000+ clinical hours as a Hospice Chaplain (spiritual care)
  • Retired Squarespace specialist
  • Co-Creator of Be Your Own Guru an online spiritual development course
  • Collaborative partner in successful social media campaigns, business inceptions, and online content/products/services
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Giving Back

A portion of my revenue continuously supports...

  • BIPOC endeavors and dismantling racism (like the Safety Pin Box)
  • Women and minority owned initiatives and creative visions, regularly, on Kickstarter and KIVA
  • StandForTrees.org and their efforts towards stabilizing climate change, protecting forests and bringing our planet back to life
  • Charity Water campaigns and special water projects to help ensure sustainability, availability, and access to clean water is an inclusive privilege around the globe.