Ready to bridge the gap between
where you are and where you want to be?

coaching May be right for you

Coaching is a powerful tool for transforming your reality.
This work moves beyond theory and thinking to create tangible results.

The core components of our holistic coaching partnership includes:

  • A safe (confidential) container for inquiry, and direct honest communication

  • Thorough evaluation and exploration of your goals and objectives, resources, risk tolerance level, strengths, and obstacles

  • + an inspired action plan with built in accountability and support to ensure you stay on track

Nothing about life remains constant, except change. How you handle it defines your life experience.
What you stand for and dedicate your energy to, matters. You don't want to waste your life being a bystander.
You're committed to making a substantial, positive contribution in your workplace (and at home).

Why choose me as your coach?

  • I have a solid history of working with accomplished professionals (executives and thought leaders) helping them materialize new opportunities, bodies of work and create significant shifts in their professional trajectory

  • I believe the workplace is your learning laboratory and is not separate from who you are and what you seek

  • I lead with values, substance, and heart 24/7/365. Please do read about what I stand for here.


Coaching is offered to individuals at a self-pay rate and also billable to your employer.

Organizations benefit from your development and are often willing to pick up the tab when you have clearly defined goals and objectives with a direct line impact to their business. Here are some potential parameters we can work within:

Leadership Development

  • Improving emotional intelligence and building awareness

  • Managing triggers and cultivating resilency

  • Strengthening communication and creating trust/safety

  • Building better relationships and resolving conflict

  • Collaboration to the X power and win-win dynamics

  • Delivering feedback appropriately

  • Facilitating critical conversations

  • Supporting and managing change

  • Rehabilitating morale and the organizational climate/culture

360 Feedback + Follow Up Coaching

  • 360's are an excellent precursor to a coaching engagement. This process is a reliable tool for gathering perspective, identifying areas of improvement, and developing a plan of action. Often coaching is coupled with this service to ensure desired results are achieved. 360s are billed separately and includes interviews, written report and suggested plan of action for areas of improvement.


I offer complimentary 20-minute chemistry sessions.

Hop on my calendar using this link. please understand this is not a sample coaching but a brief conversation to test compatibility.


Rates are currently available at a reduced-fee amount.

Once I’ve completed the ICF certification process $250 rate goes into effect. 30-60-90 day custom support packages are available.

How is coaching different from therapy/counseling? . . .

Coaching is a distinct departure from counseling and therapy. Coaching is not a substitute for medical and/or mental health care. It is however a powerful supplemental modailty for professional and personal developmental work. Coaching capitalizes on the strengths, resourcefulness, and awareness of relatively healthy individuals. Clients set the agenda for all coaching engagements while coach provides skillful facilitation and accountability.