Gone are the days of...

  • turning to a guru for guidance
  • dabbling in new age f*ckery to manifest x-y-and-z because hello, reality
  • striving for enlightenment and tireless self improvement
  • remaining complicit with restrictive old world paradigms that incite fear and separation from your fellow humans

Now are the days of...

  • being in your body, in the here and now, in your real and holy life
  • getting down and dirty with reality without sacrificing your soul
  • remembering and reconnecting to what is sacred and true
  • rebelling and creating a powerful cosmology that directly dials you into synchronistic magic

Radical by design, the Circle of Light seeks to fill the void of being churchless for those who don't have a defined spiritual path but desire soul-tending.



// Weekly Sermons // Weekly Light Transmissions // Dedicated, Private Support // + More //

Let me start by being super clear. I am not, nor have I ever been a healer who shy's away from grit, grief, or heart-breaking truth. Quite the opposite, is true. Nor did I hang a shingle claiming to be a fortune teller. My professional healing practice is led with integrity and backed by a slew of credentials and clinical spiritual care experience as a Hospice Chaplain.

While the Circle of Light is founded upon the functions and utility of light you will not find fluff, lopsided feel-goodness, fantasy or fanatical thinking in this supportive learning/deeply nourishing intimate space.

I've intentionally created this circle to speak to the needs of soul-centric, human-centered, spiritual-not-religous folks who want to benefit from regular opportunities to reflect on what it means to be human, today, how to survive and make the most of it.


Sarah’s ability to instantly give advice and guidance that is meaningful and persuasive gives clarity of vision. Sarah is smart, sensible, kind, and deeply insightful. I’ve made life changing decisions are a result of our work together.
— Deb D.
Sarah connects at the right moment, with the right words and intention in a moment of need. I really don’t know anybody else who does that consistently and genuinely.
— David L.
I know The Circle of Light was instrumental in my calm feeling during my recent move. Things happened at a measured pace. I’m not exhausted this time. Things just worked out as they came up. I could see the next right move and go with it. Overall, I felt a sense of support and comfort during this time. And a level of protection that kept whatever squirrelly corkscrew energy that wanted to rear its head at bay and ultimately smoothed out without incident.
— Lee



1: Weekly Sermons

 Sharpen your mind. Soften your heart. Strengthen your soul.
Powerful prompts + intuitive visions that keep in grounded in the truth of who you are while providing you regular opportunities to reflect and integrate your soul's work.


Life-Shaping Prompts

Guided moon missives that naturally enhance your co-creative powers and amplify your life shaping skills. Naturally, power up your personal life with the power of the moon. No blood sacrifice required :)

full moon missive.png

3:The COnfessional

A private sanctuary available for you to access anytime. Receive support, sacred witnessing and targeted instruction. Because life is better when it is shared.


4: accountability touchpoints

Flexible but consistent support to ensure you stay on track. You're more than just a number to me. As a member, I am personally invested in you—I'll hold your feet to the fire (when you need it) and give you space accordingly.


5: INSTANT bonuses & Other Perks


My top 3 teaching tools and workshops— 

> #luminoushands online workshop ($33 value)
> 20 Almost Daily Self-Care Rituals for Empaths and HSPs (ebook)
> #1 Essential Tool / Powerful Question To Unearth Insight (PDF)

Note: I have a knack for creating super relatable, helpful guides (eBooks are printable PDF format)

  Download my generous audio swipe file, including:   2 hours of relaxing music + custom guided relaxations

Download my generous audio swipe file, including:

2 hours of relaxing music + custom guided relaxations

  Personal Medical Reiki™  Monthly (Distance) Treatments upon request

Personal Medical Reiki™ Monthly (Distance) Treatments upon request

  On Demand   Oracle/Tarot Consultation 

On Demand
Oracle/Tarot Consultation 

  Dedicated Portal   (Password Protected) Member Portal

Dedicated Portal
(Password Protected) Member Portal

You're a good fit for the Circle of Light if you...

  • value personal exploration and are dedicated to personally contributing to humanity, in your own way
  • opt of out traditional religious views but feel deeply connected to Nature and the concept of "spirituality"
  • appreciate intuition and learning tools and practices you can implement on your own
  • value independence and are reasonably self sufficient but seek and accept help when you need it

Come immerse yourself in the mystical mysterious world of spirit, intuition & personal growth— leverage the right tools and practices alongside 1on1 support— Become a powerful creator.

Snag up these goodies & Join The Circle of Light!

With the help of Sarah, I went from being a broken shell of myself to a completely different person in just two short months. Sarah guided me back to a place I’d long since forgotten, and honestly had no hopes of ever returning to. I am confident, empowered, and no longer afraid of the unavoidable circumstances that life likes to throw our way.

Without her, I would still be clouded from the warmth and love of myself and the universe. I honestly feel as though I have reconnected with my authentic self, someone who I desperately missed. I have more love and compassion for myself than I can ever remember having, and that love and compassion consequently outward onto everyone else.

I am not afraid anymore. I finally feel okay, as if I can handle anything that comes my way.

On a scale from 1 to 10, I’d prefer to give Sarah a number that is not finite, because the skills she has given me continue to grow as I continue to grow. It keeps getting better and better.
— Amy C.
“We happened to be both buying and selling a home during the time of this circle, with the roller coaster of emotions for me and all the members of my family swirling around, this was the perfect support that I needed.

Every part of the circle and every part of every message had a gift for me in perfect timing. I loved the format of this, knowing that some time during the day a seemingly small slice of magic would appear in my inbox and that I could open it whenever I felt the pull. I loved that I did not have to schedule anything to be a part of this. This felt both light and easy, yet profoundly deep and shifting. What a wondrous creation you have birthed!

I have felt so put off by most other offerings ‘out there’, as they feel somewhat similar to each other and formulaic, but this...wow! I have been avoiding signing up for most offerings, but even the odd one that I sign up for seem to be so much effort in the wrong direction for me at this time, that I procrastinate and avoid getting fully involved. Your offering was soooo refreshing as it was just gently, powerfully, and seemingly effortlessly there (for my involvement anyway). I loved how the emails seemed to ebb and flow as needed and went where they needed to go. It seemed like you followed where you were guided and did not try to control.

Keep weaving your magic lovely Sarah!
— Naomi
Sarah has a real gift for keeping the humanity alive in her online courses. I’ve been through many online mentoring programs and they offer great content but there’s something missing: a little bit like eating a steak that’s been freeze-dried. This is not the case with Sarah. What Sarah offers, and what people need, is a deeply personal way of providing an online offering.
— Robin Fletcher
This was a subtle experience, hard to put into words. I just had a sense things were cooking and working in the background and then little hints and winks from the Universe would show up connected to what Sarah was working and posting on, it all felt very aligned and supportive. Keep sharing your powerful juju Sarah!
— Laura
I bow deeply to her creative genius and will look no further than her virtual doorstep when it is time for me to be nourished toward my next stage of growth.
— Karen Gordon


What is the monthly membership cost? . . .

Your $55 monthly membership fee grants you entry into the Circle of Light and renews every 30 days. You may join anytime. When you register you'll immediately be charged for your first month of access. Every 30 days your membership automatically renews unless you cancel. When you join you'll be provided with a link that allows you to cancel your membership without question.

Financial Hardship? I have $25 monthly memberships available for those who qualify. If you are a POC or belong to another heavily marginalized population and therefore have less resources available at your disposal- you qualify. Please, write me.

Whats is the guarantee / refund policy? . . .

I absolutely promise you that as a member of the CIL, if you engage with the material and take advantage of the support, you will exponentially amplify your intuition and become more masterful in the art of personal exploration.

If after your first month you find that you are not a good fit for the Circle of Light you may cancel your membership and request a refund. You will be required to provide proof of completed weekly prompts and two moon missives to be eligible for a refund. Refunds will provided within 2-3 business days.

Can I easily cancel my monthly subscription?. . .

100% yes no questions asked. When you sign up you'll be given a link to manage your account.

What is the format of 1 to 1 support?. . .

I'm widely available for private 1 on 1 support,targeted coaching and sacred witnessing via our Confessional. You'll want to download the free smart phone app VOXER to take advantage of this feature. I also offer discounted 1 hour action and relief session for sticky situations where back and forth support won't cut it.

What is VOXER ? . . .

A free smartphone app. I love the walkie talkie functionality. I actively use this tool with my own support network. If you choose to upgrade (2.99/mo) you can have access to extra features but it is not necessary.

What are your qualifications?. . .

Glad you're asking. I'm a two-time master-degreed professional, certified grief counselor, trained intuitive and certified medical reiki master. I pull from several modalities and systems of thought (reiki, dreamwork, psychic visions, tarot, astrology, shamanic practices...) to craft effective interventions

What's your teaching style + approach?. . .

I believe intuition is a skill and your sensitivity, a great asset. I seek to enhance and strengthen who you already are, not change you.


Joining the Circle of Light is like having a secret mystic in your back pocket.